Administration and Human Resources

About Administration and Human Resources Program

Become a professional capable of being in charge of the organizational development in your company.

Human talent management is the keystone for the achievement of the company’s objectives. Creating value and competitive advantages is possible thanks to an appropriate personnel management, which means being a leader of change and responsible for the organization's development.

UPC’s Administration and Human Resources Working Adult program (EPE) is aimed at people who already perform in the field of human resources or have prior studies and want to take a major leap in their professional development.

Thanks to this proposal, by studying the program, you will be able to be an upstanding professional in talent management, maximizing the leadership and innovation competencies that you already have, to become one of the main agents of change within organizations.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to lead the business culture through the recruitment of the best human talent using recruitment strategies, performance indicators and innovative compensation policies. Furthermore, you will be comprehensively trained in the different administration areas, including strategy, marketing and finance, so your management and professional growth will transcend the field of your current experience.

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