About the program

We are going through an urban development boom. The sustainability of this development is in the hands of engineers with aptitudes and, above all, convictions born from their training. Build the future now.

A conceptual framework focused on the planning, design and management of civil construction works, through an analytical approach that includes their technical aspects, feasibility, and urban and social impact studies. This is, in essence, what the EPE Civil Engineering program at UPC proposes. This program is intended for those individuals with work experience or previous studies who wish to maximize their competencies and to develop in specialized areas that are key to their organization's success.

As alumni of the Civil Engineering program, you will become rigorous and highly responsible professionals who understand the construction phenomenon from a remodeling and holistic point of view, and you will also evaluate the functionality, quality management, aesthetics and sustainability of the projects in a thorough manner. In this sense, you will be capable of proposing and managing urban and infrastructure transformations within an environment of development, on behalf of common well-being.


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