About UPC EPE Civil Engineering Program

You will be an engineer capable of optimizing construction resources, committed to the environment through the development of sustainable engineering projects.

We are living an urban boom in the country. Engineers with skills and, above all, with convictions born from their education, will make this development sustainable. Build the future now.

A conceptual framework focused on the planning, design and management of civil constructions through an analytical approach that takes into account technical aspects, feasibility studies and urban and social impact. This is, in essence, what the UPC Civil Engineering Working Adult program (EPE) proposes; it is aimed at people with work experience or with previous studies who wish to maximize their skills and develop in key specialties for the success of organizations.

By studying the program, you will become a rigorous, highly responsible professional, who understands the constructive phenomenon from a holistic and reforming vision, and evaluates in detail the functionality, quality management, aesthetics and sustainability of projects. In that sense, you will be able to plan and direct the urban and infrastructure transformations within a developing environment for the benefit of a collective well-being.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to design, plan, direct and control building and infrastructure works that value and preserve the environment, as well as implement improvement strategies for work productivity.

In addition, you will be prepared to improve processes that increase productivity and optimize the use of resources, in commitment to the environment. Therefore, you will develop the following skills:

  • Have a solid scientific and technological education that allows the use of modern techniques that satisfy the demands of the construction sector.
  • Be a professional committed to ethical principles and professional standards.
  • Promote and integrate teamwork in the different stages and roles in a project, and communicate effectively in the civil engineering sector.
  • Identify a continuous learning culture and current issues that allow yourself to contribute to the country's development.
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