International Business

About UPC EPE International Business Program

You will become a professional with a strategic business vision, capable of managing International Business departments.

Today's world is an open door for Peruvian companies. In order to enter and transcend, it is necessary to have a managerial business vision built upon the correct knowledge and principles.

The International Business program, created by UPC's Working Adult program (EPE), sets forth an educational framework with high impact in the professional life of people with work experience or previous studies by providing them with the knowledge and command of the specificities of international markets, evaluating them in a globalized context from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Internalizing the knowledge and tools provided by the International Business program means specializing in the identification of commercial opportunities beyond our borders.

Furthermore, through the accurate diagnosis of the variables that condition each environment, you will become a graduate capable of leading multinational businesses and activities related to export, foreign capital management and negotiation processes with a global presence.


As incoming students of the International Business program, you must have critical and flexible analytical skills, communication skills and openness to new scenarios, customs and cultures. You must also have basic experience in international trade, globalization and the cross-border traffic of goods and services, with the ability to synthesize and evaluate information for decision-making.


Upon completion of the program, you will be capable of leading the logistics management of multinational import and export companies, customs or shipping agencies, by preparing marketing and finance plans thanks to the knowledge of purchasing and international commercial trade policies.

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