Network and Communications Engineering

About Network and Communications Engineering Program

You will become an engineer capable of planning, designing, implementing and evaluating communication networks that support the needs of any organization.

Transferring information is essential. Therefore, the focus is no longer on interlocutors, but on managers: those whose academic rigor allows them to create platforms that redefine the course of communication.

Communication networks have evolved and so have the ways of transferring information and interrelating within organizations. In this context, UPC's Working Adult program (EPE) offers the Network and Communications Engineering program, a complete curriculum aimed at people with work experience or previous studies to train them in the planning, creation and analysis of control and network management mechanisms, capable of supporting communication demands in a modern company.

The program draws students closer to a set of methodologies related to efficient electronic devices and technologies for data transfer and information systematization. Furthermore, it boosts the analytical ability and the understanding of new communication platforms, system integration and computer processes.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to manage communication networks through the design of mobile phone networks, the implementation and administration of communication network convergence management platforms, measurement equipment , protocol analyzers and the integration of broadband network technologies.

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