About UPC EPE Marketing Program

You will become an innovative professional with a strategic, commercial and comprehensive approach, capable of interpreting the market needs to create business opportunities.

You do not sell a product with marketing: you manage the commercial path of an entire company. That is why its practice requires the training that turns executives into opportunity hunters.

UPC's Working Adult program (EPE) has developed the Marketing program for people with work experience or previous studies. Its focus is on tool management and the design of intelligent strategies to successfully guide the trajectory of companies by taking advantage of business opportunities in constantly evolving markets.

The action framework proposed by the program includes the command of different disciplines concerning cultural, social, and economic factors that interfere in organizational commercial processes, a field where professional practice and corporate communication take place. Furthermore, it fosters interpretation and analysis skills seeking to create efficient commercial solutions, according to the specific needs of each audience and business guidelines.


As incoming students of the Marketing program, you must be proactive, curious, determined and creative, willing to face complex situations and do research. Similarly, you must have numerical, reading comprehension and writing skills. It is important to be able to work in teams, identify the customer needs and understand the importance of development in the strengthening of both the brand and the product. Finally, you must have the skills to interact with the company's different areas and with stakeholders, show interest in the economic and business reality, and think about our country's development.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to design and implement the marketing plan of any organization and develop direct marketing, CRM, advertising, distribution and price strategies thanks to your vast knowledge of costs, profitability margins and the interpretation of the market needs.

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