Business Administration

About the Business Administration Program

Be a professional with a comprehensive vision who is able to manage different types of businesses.

The formula has changed: administrating does not mean delegating. Businesses require protagonists with a vision, practice and training that makes them leaders in business management and strategy.

UPC’s EPE Business Administration Program gives people with work experience or prior studies the transformation they need to become experts in corporate management in highly complex environments, governed by market dynamics and with multiple market opportunities.

This is an excellent chance for you, as a student, to adopt the principles, systems and trends in modern management with a globalized approach, meeting the increasing business needs that organizations reveal.


As incoming students of the program, you must have professional and/or working experience related to the program. Moreover, you must own the ideal skills and attitudes that give you flexibility in the face of changes, and the capacity to integrate into a competitive environment with high-academic standards.

Through your academic performance, you are expected to ensure significant self-learning, so you successfully integrate the requirements of your personal, working and academic life.


Upon completion of the Business Administration Program, will have a vast knowledge of the competitive environment, which will allow you to design and implement strategic business plans, taking advantage of the synergy between the different areas of the organization and maximizing their return.

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