Industrial Engineering

About UPC EPE Industrial Engineering Program

You will become an engineer oriented towards the analysis, design, implementation and control of goods and services production processes.

With experience, you can manage the company's production potential. With a high-level education, you start to lead it. Decide to transform your knowledge into strategies. The program offers you an interdisciplinary education to broaden individual competencies and shape them up towards productivity improvement in the company.

This is the foundation of the UPC's Industrial Engineering Working Adult program (EPE): an academic proposal aimed at people with work experience to master the design and management of production systems that make companies transcend.

An EPE industrial engineer is an innovative professional who has experience and technical knowledge to develop efficient and integrated processes, capable of boosting a company’s operational performance.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to lead operation platform development projects; optimize, design, and innovate logistics and manufacturing processes with a high impact on the company's operational and financial aspects.

Furthermore, you will acquire the following skills:

  • Designing, developing, implementing and improving integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment and energy.
  • Integrating systems by using experimental practices, modern tools, continuous learning and ethical responsibility.
  • Taking into consideration the impact of engineering solutions in a global context, so you can understand our reality and significantly contribute to the country's development.
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