Systems Engineering

About UPC EPE Systems Engineering program

You will become an engineer capable of developing large technological projects and efficient information systems.

The key to designing highly complex computer systems is one: knowledge. That is what nourishes innovation and defines the technological evolution of organizations.

UPC's Working Adult program (EPE) is aimed at people with work experience or previous studies. EPE offers the Systems Engineering program according to the innovation that modern organizations seek and it will train you as a professional capable of classifying and using information through the application of technologies that add value to operations.

According to the international trend, the program will promote your creativity and your critical analysis by guiding you towards a central purpose: the management of both corporate and own technological projects.

Through your strong command of operating systems, software, and networks you will develop highly functional tools that will optimize the performance of organizations and drive you towards modern management.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to lead technical teams and design business processes. You will be able to implement and maintain large-scale software programs, create algorithms and intelligent systems that solve communication problems and improve an organization's performance.

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