About UPC EPE Accounting Program

Become a creative professional with critical thinking skills to design innovative strategies in the financial, accounting, and administrative fields.

Organizations do not grow based on predictions. They require the accuracy of an accounting expert: a professional educated with high academic standards, able to provide a performance full of certainties.

In the business world, the need for systematized control processes and efficient accounting information systems has increased at an exponential rate. Starting from this reality, UPC's Working Adult program (EPE) offers the Accounting to people with a career or previous studies who aim to master and the strengthen their competencies in the face of the market demands.

By studying the program, you will gain the knowledge and values required to manage and supervise the business activities, through an education that includes the management of the latest tools of the profession, providing an accurate analysis that is the product of results and measurements techniques. All this from the managerial perspective that the program reinforces.


As an incoming student of the Accounting program, you must be determined, disciplined, organized, constantly informed and capable of self-learning. Also, you must have numerical, oral and written communication skills, and strong moral values; you must be able to adapt to changes and develop and show confidence in your abilities despite obstacles.


Upon completion of the program, you will be able to prepare and evaluate accounting and financial reports to develop appropriate strategies that address the economic phenomena of the environment supported by a broad knowledge of the legal accounting framework.

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