About the program

An organization's growth is not based on prediction. It requires the accuracy of an accounting expert—a professional trained under high academic standards, capable of providing an extremely accurate performance.

In the business world, the need to have systematized control processes and efficient accounting information systems has grown exponentially. Based on this reality, the Working Adult Division (EPE) at UPC offers the Accounting program for individuals with work experience or previous studies, focusing on the mastery and strengthening of their competencies in light of the market's demands.

Upon completion of the program, through an academic training that includes learning how to use the latest tools for this activity, you will acquire the knowledge and values required to manage and supervise a company’s activities, providing an accurate analysis, based on results and technical measurements. All of this from a managerial perspective reinforced by the program.


As incoming students of the Accounting program, you must be determined, disciplined and organized individuals, willing to be constantly informed and capable of self-learning. You must also show numerical, and oral and written communication skills, as well as moral values, and be able to adapt to change and develop and show confidence in your abilities, in spite of the obstacles.


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