banking and financial administration

About Banking and Financial Administration Program

Evaluating the market variables is a skill. Foreseeing them for a successful resource management inside companies comes from education. Get ready to get to know the real value of finance.

Banking and Financial Administration Program, created by UPC’s EPE, maximizes you knowledge, training you in the strategic understanding of the market and the mastering of financial tools, aiming at improvement inside organizations. A specialized education for people who are active in the work field with previous studies that look for a qualitative leap in their professional development.

Based on the program’s contribution, trained professionals raise their competitiveness level, becoming financial business experts in charge of planning, operation and evaluation processes inside their area of expertise, which are decisive for the company’s future projects stability and sustainability.


Incoming students of the banking and financial administration program must have previous experience in finance, along with quantitative skills, responsibility with high ethical standards, goal orientation, analytical and organizational skills, critical thinking and be in pursuit of continuous improvement. In addition, you must also have adaptability and flexibility skills in order to face continuous changes in financial markets.

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