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“I entered UPC’s EPE to complement my technical studies. It fitted my work schedule, allowing me to work and study without harming both activities. The exchange of experiences with my classmates has been very important.”

Recruitment Analyst

“Studying at UPC helped me understand the needs of different areas in the company and made me a more complete professional.”

César Huaita
Head of Logistics and Mining Transportation

“I decided to study in this program because my years of experience were not enough for my company to continue growing. Now, at EPE I receive new knowledge permanently, which has improved my performance as a businesswoman. It is the best decision I have made in my life.”

Maritza Benites
General Manager

"My experience at EPE - UPC is really rewarding. From day one we acquire tools that allow us to introduce changes in our job performance. Because the program is aimed at working adults, we share work experiences that enrich our class development."

Larissa Yaipen

“I had wanted to study this career for years. Until I learned about EPE and decided to take the challenge. UPC offers me the opportunity to study with an excellent infrastructure and faculty. Additionally, I still have free time to continue with my job and to enjoy my family."

Eduardo Acuña
Construction Supervisor

"Being prepared with solid tools is extremely important in order to develop within such a competitive market. That's why I decided to study at EPE, and I don't regret it. Here, the academic level is challenging and that helped me to stand out and overcome several difficulties."

Omar Oshiro
Demand Analystl

“I decided to study at EPE - UPC because of its curriculum, faculty and convenient schedules. The high-level demand requires much effort and sacrifice. I have learned to distribute my time between work, school and family better. Thanks to EPE I am expanding my professional outlook.”

Luis Almandoz
Infrastructure Unit Specialist

“I enrolled in EPE because the positions I wanted to obtain required more training. In such a competitive and globalized world, it's mandatory to be prepared."

José Bendezú
Project Manager

"After I graduated from EPE I was promoted to Head of Marketing and, together with my team, we proposed the development of new strategies in different areas of my company.”

Lucía Quesada
Head of Marketing

“When I complete my program at EPE I had the chance to occupy leading positions and I currently work as Commercial Manager in an important export company. I definitely recommend studying at UPC and taking full advantage of this valuable time.”

Rolando Erausquin
Commercial Manager

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