Entrepreneurship Administration and Management

About the program

Markets still provide great opportunities. Identifying them is a challenge that demands talent, intuition and, above all, a comprehensive education that makes projects run. Being an entrepreneur is moving forward.

Today, with the raise of competitiveness in companies, it is essential to add knowledge to the experience earned, which makes the development and materialization of new commercial opportunities possible . That is why, UPC’s Working Adult Program (EPE) offers the Entrepreneurship Administration and Management program to people with work experience or previous studies who wish to start a new business or consolidate an ongoing one.

The program positions entrepreneurs as the central figure in the business order, considering their initiative as the drive of valuable business proposals, capable of dynamizing the market offer and generating a bigger capital flow. That is why, with it you will be a trained professional prepared to lead and manage resources in a company, improve its competitiveness and innovate with added value products.

Your comprehensive profile as graduate students will allow you to contribute to generating wealth and increasing the work offer and wellness indicators within the community.


As incoming students of the Administration and Entrepreneurship Management program, you must be proactive, creative, innovative, determined, resilient and willing to solve complex situations. Similarly, you must have interpersonal communication skills, sense of urgency, and a strong people orientation.


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