Tuition Policies

To learn about UPC’s tuition model, click here.

At UPC, we have a transparent tuition policy. Tuitions are adjusted annually, taking into account the country’s inflation rate. These adjustments will usually be made from the first term’s first installment each year*.

UPC’s tuition model considers the following benefits:

  • Fixed-rate tuition: all students have the option to take up to 4 courses per term. Students who keep an average over 15 may take up to five courses at no additional cost.
  • Discount rate for direct relatives: UPC offers the possibility of providing a special discount if students have a direct relative (sibling, child, spouse) enrolled in the undergraduate or Working Adult programs during the same term in which they enroll. This discount rate consists in passing to a less expensive scale, previous submission of an application to the Admission Office when incorporating.
  • UPC has agreements with several institutions that offer students financing alternatives: Pronabec, IPFE and Lumni.

Remember that, in order to be able to enroll in each term, it is important that you are punctual when paying your tuition.

* All payment receipts issued as of 2014-1 will have an increase rate of 6 %.

** As of term 2014-0, the enrollment fee is included in tuitions. This amount is only applied to the students who entered the university as of 2014-0, and is only applied on the first tuition of each term. The enrollment fee established for the terms in 2016 is S/ 280.

Update: November 2015.